Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ms Williams Response

1) Ms. Williams has good organization throughout her essay as well as insight. It is also convincing and well supported. Her work may be improved by using more mature diction and syntax.

2) I would say her premises of discrimination in the education system are true even though I am not a witness of it. As far as logical fallacies, I didn’t identify any.
Based on my experience, I am in agreement with her on how teachers brag about the education they have and yet they don’t fully apply themselves to helping their students; that could improve. She does focus on the black race with the discrimination but I think all students of all races can find this applicable.
3) A lesson I can take away from Ms. Williams’ work is to sacrifice time and effort to things that I truly believe in. She learned a lesson from this novel and applied it to her life and portrayed it in a well-written essay to hear her opinions.

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