Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Poem Dissection

1) The main character is searching for the treasure of El Dorado. The main character is a knight and he is an older man.
2) The structure is depicted through the stanzas. The first parts are when he is young and searching and the second part is when he is older.
3) Never give up on something you are passionate for.
4) At the end of each stanza there is a punctuation and the stanzas are separated according to thought.
5) The images are very vivid and descriptive. He uses words to paint a picture of the knights journey.
6) The author repeats El Dorado in every stanza to show the treasures importance to the knight.
7) There is a very adventurous tone.
8) He uses alot of imagery, repetition, and Anaphora.
9) The structure helps the author convey his message by separating the stanzas and leaving open ended questions in order to get his message across without separating the stanzas we would not recognize the difference in his journey.

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