Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Open Essay

In the opening scene in Of Mice and Men, you meet two very different characters. George and Lenny are two traveling laborers who skip from ranch to ranch looking for work. They become very close throughout the story, just like two brothers do throughout their lives. But, just like brothers they encounter some very sticky situations throughout the story.

Alone in a barn with a bunch of little bunnies, sits Lenny. This is one of my favorite scene because a scene where everything is so calm, utter drama occurs. Lenny accidentally kills one of the bunnies and when is confronted about it he kills the women who confronts him. Lenny is not a cold blooded killer he is just a man lost in the sea we call life.

Of Mice and Men are full is full of conflict between the main characters. Lenny and George will constantly fight, not because they hate each other, because they are like two brothers who were never born together. George and Lenny will always bicker but, deep down they will always love each other and defend each other.

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