Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3/20/12 Notes

The internet allows-Globalization, localization and delocalization
Gives us a chance to listen, talk, and understand each others’ religion, concepts, and views of world.
How do you perceive the world around you?
-strange/unfamiliar or close relationship?
What form of resistance is effective?
Every effort to change world starts with people asking questions.
How can we all sit together and discuss? There needs to be a big meeting to discuss these issues .
With a large debate, together we can find solutions.
This “100 Questions” Event is a time coming for multiple viewpoints and ways to express your opinions. This is a modern form of communication.
Even though we are different, we all have the same problems
Together as one we are here to celebrate diversity and multiple viewpoints
Intentions: present voices that aren’t usually magnified in the media.

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