Friday, January 6, 2012

The Road

1. “The Road” is the story of a father and son, never named, on a journey towards the east coast, their last hope. The post-apocalyptic world that they are thrown into is harsh and unforgiving. They are left with limited supplies and a gun with only three bullets. The only other people in the world are savage, cannibalistic freaks so the father and son must always be on the watch. When they finally arrive it is nothing what they imagined. It’s just as destroyed as the rest of the world, and shortly after reaching their destination, the father dies. This leaves the boy with no hope, he sits by his father’s dead body for days until he is found by a man from a nomadic group.

2. The theme is about the struggle of keeping integrity in a world that takes it away and continuing to do good.  Everything around them has become scandalous and willing to do anything to survive. It is never an easy task, but they don’t give in and eat another person, or steal anything. They try remaining honest in the toughest times.

3. Throughout the novel there is a strong sense of hopelessness. The father at times even doubts that they will make it. The entire plot just feels empty and like no good would come for these characters. 

4.  “The Road” uses many literary elements and techniques to create the gloomy and hopeless world: syntax, setting, and imagery are just a few.

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