Thursday, December 8, 2011

Extra Credit Lit Anal (Kite Runner)

1. Amir, the main character, has to overcome obstacles in Afganistan and Pakistan. Amir is the narrator who is looking into his past. His past was full of tragedies but also success. Amir loses some of his closest friends and family, but later becomes an author. Amir also has to save a young boy in order to atone his sins against Hassan.
2. The theme of this novel is redemption. Amir through out the story was trying to redeem himself through Baba's eyes. For example Amir thought if he could win the kite-flying tournament, so he could redeem himself.
3. The tone of The Kite Runner is tragic. One example is when Amir's friend Hassan was raped. Their friendship fell apart after this tragic incident. Another example was when Amir and his father had to leave Afganistan, they left all their friends and family back home. The last example was when his father's friend Rahim Khan died. Rahim was the one who encouraged Amir to become a writer.
4. Flashbacks were used many times in the novel. They were used to understand his past. The author also used imagery to describe certain events to make as if it was real. The book was written in 1st person which helped me understand the narrators point of view of the story. The setting also helped me understand the story better. The setting was in the Middle East. After researching the events that happend in the 80's in the Middle East. I understood the book better.

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